I, Ronald James Baker, will my ability to remember to anyone who wants to forget.

I, Patsy Mae Baldwin, will all my books to my sister Shirley.

I, Phyllis jean Baltzley, will my Plymouth to some underclassman who has enough brains to keep oil in it.

I, Gary Lynn Barbour, will my I946 Ford to Mr. Sheats so he can ride to school.

I, Robert Eugene Barbour, will my football equipment to Mr. Coradetti.

I, Brenda Eloise Bean, will my braces to Connie Grubbs, who is determined not to wear them.

I, Gary Charles Beatty, will my ability for being hooked into driving my "P-39" to away games.

I, Philip Douglas Beldler, will Gordon's and my road to A-ville back to the natives.

I, Ronnie Grayson Black, will my two-minute drives to Mt. Tabor to anyone who has money to buy tires.

I, Glenn Ellwood Blocher, will my ability to write spelling corrections to my sister Brenda.

I, Linda Mae Brough, will my ability to blush easily to anyone who wants it.

I, Maxine Marie Brough, will my learner's per nut to Gary Beamer.

I, Ann Cheryl Bushey, will my physics ability to some idiotic junior,

I, John William Byerly, will my cue stick to Mrs. Elliott.

I. Joan Audrey Carey, will my "charley horses" to Mrs. Shoemaker and my red bowling ball to Mrs. Sheely.

I, Braxton Willard Cooley, will my voice to the speech teacher.

I, Richard Franklin Cooley, will my typing ability to Terry Taylor.

I, Joan Marion Crist, will my school spirit to Van Clark.

I, Roger Eugene Crum, will my well used Physics book to my brother, Delmar.

I, Judy Maureen Cutshall, will the hot Plyniouth back to my parents while it is still in running condition.

I, Site Carole Davis, will my ability to get a bucket of water to the burning seat in Judy's car.

I, Dennis Arthur Ebbert, will my football jersey to my brother Ronme.

I, John Alan Ernst, will my "Mr. Allison hand-writing decoder" to Toni Heckenlubcr.

I, Garry Ray Fair, will my football uniform to anyone who wants to fill my rlilalit halfback position.

I, Bonnie Joanne Funt, will all the fun I had at B. H. S. in school and in the cafeteria to the cooks and Ron.
I, Judy Yvonne Funt, will the road from Table Rock to Biglerville to Nancy Cashman so that it will see constant wear next year.

I, Ronald Edward Funt, will my 4-H equipmerit and knowledge to anyone who is willto try to raise a grand champion steer for Adams County.

I, Susan Eileen Garretson, will my much used band uniform to any underclassman who is under 5'1".

I, Judith jean Goshorn, will Corky back his six guns to restore peace and quiet in Berlin, Maryland.

I, Harry Charles Griest, will my typewriter to anyone who wants to use it.

I, Mary Anna Guise, will my books to Barbara Thomas.

I, Margaret Ann Hale, will my wonderful experiences at B. H. S. to any underclassman.

I, Charlotte Elaine Hall, will the telephone, which I have used to do my homework, back to my parents .

I, Wilson Harry Harman, will my love of teachers to Gary Wright.

I, Mary Louise Hartman, will my typewriter in room 3II to anyone who can use it better than I did.

I, Peggy Jo Hartman, will my hour bus ride every morning to my brother Fred if he does not get a car.

I, Fay Elaine Hartzel, will the fun I had the last three years to all underclassmen.

I, Paul Gordon Harvey, will my ability to stay out of trouble to Bob Cover.

I, Carl Edgar Hildebrand, will my poor vision, before getting glasses, to anyone who needs an excuse for not being able to see.

I, Thomas Lee Hoffnian, will my ability to stay out of trouble to Delmar Crum.

I, Loy Clair Hoke, will my ability to study to my cousin Pat.

I, Jeanne Lee Jacoby, will iny ignorance to Mr. Allison in exchange for a little bit of knowledge.

I, George Andrew Johnson, will nothing to anyone., because I have nothing to will.

I, Patrick Edmund Kane, will my ability to stay on friendly terms with most of the tea:c.hers at B-ville to my brother Dennis.

I, Sheila Faye Kline, will one-half of a new road from Biglerville to Gardners to the state of Pennsylvania.

I, Thomas Stough Kooken, will my Ford to Mr. Allison's physics class for the study of defects in engineering.

I, Raymond Francis Kuhn, will the other half of tihe road from Biglerville to Gardners to the state of Pennsylvania.

I, Glenn Milton Kuykendall, will my ability to stay out of trouble to all future seniors.

I, Robert Turner Lewis, will a gross of block busters to Mike Thomas.

I, Goldie Elizabeth Lupp, will my silence to Mary Hartman and Janet Orner.

I, Patricia Ann Lyons, will my good times at B. H. S. to my sister Janet.

I, Tonya Elizabeth McCleaf, will the entire Biglerville High School to Eric Taylor may he enjoy it as I did.

I, Roger Ray McGlaulghlin, will my seat in the corner in Mr. Toggas' study hall to anyone who is not a wrestler.

I, Perry Edward Mickey, will my football ability to my brother Toni.

I, Jean Louise Moornaw, will the other end of Charlotte's line to my parents who have fought so vainly with me these years.

I, Ronnie Gene Naylor, will my books to any one who wants them.

I, Janet Louise Orner, will mv sales book to anyone who knows how to use it better than I do.

I, Ronald Blair Orner, will my ability for getting into trouble on Hallowe'en to anyone who wants it.

I, Lana Carole Palmer, will my ability to endure loneliness to any girl who is going with a guy in the army.

I, Joyce Amanda Ripley, will my many driving experiences to Jane Wright.

I, Selena Patricia Roberts, will my first name to anyone who can pronounce and spell it.

I, Mary Jane Roth, will all my problems and headaches as F. T. A. president to some lucky junior.

I, William Hubert Roth, will try to please thers in the future.

I, Richard Eugene Rothenhoefer, will my salesmanship to anyone who wants to sell a lot of magazines next year.

I, Sharon Elaine Rouzer, will my tenor sax to my sister Beverly with the hope that she continues to have enough wind to blow it.

I, David Douglas Ryman, will my ability to get along with teachers to all underclassmen.

I, Carolyn Louise Sabo, will the pleasure of having Mr. Coradetti in P.O. D. class to any art student.

I, William Lamar Sanni, will my ability to give humorous book reports to any future student of Mrs. Haas.

I, Ronald Marshall Schatz, will my friendship with Mr. White to Lonnie Shultz, if he ever needs it.

I, Glenn Edward Sell, will my ability to will, to anyone who has nothing to will.

I, Helen Virginia Sheaffer, will my job as F. H. A. treasurer to anyone who thinks it is easy.

I, Terry Jay Sheaffer, will my floor shift to anyone who wants it.

I, John William Shepard, will all the good times I had at Biglerville High to anyone who thinks he can take it.

I, Willard Foster Sherman, will my alarm clock to Mr. Gordon for use in P. 0. D. class.

I, Mary Ann Showers, will all the fun I had in my senior year to all underclassmen.

I, Ronnie Fred Showers, will my study hall with Mr. Toggas to anyone who is in need of one.

I, Lorrie Lou Shultz, will all the fun I had in my Senior year to Allona Winand.

I, Mary Louise Slaybaugh, will my inability to drive to Cinders who would like to run around G-burIg,

I, David Charles Slonaker, will my average grades to anyone who is satisfied with them.

I, Robert Eugene Slonaker, will my fractured finger to anyone who wishes to get out of typing class.

I, William Weigle Stoner, will my motorbike to anyone who wants to get into shape.

I, Darlene jean Swartz, will my sales book to my sister Rita.

I, Linda Anne Taylor, will my headaches on the school bus to my younger brothers and sisters.

I, Linda Ellen Taylor, will all the good times I had in my senior year to my brother Roger.

I, Kenneth Zell Thomas, will my car to my brother Jim.

I, Richard Barry Trostel, will my basketball and track uniforms to Dick Dull.

I, Mildred Ruth Weaver, will all the fun that I had in my senior year to Susie Wolff and Susie Fissel.

I, Richard Eugene Weidner, will the rest of my years to Cindy.

I, Philip Lynn Yasovsky, will my hunting ability and my ability to hit low notes in choir to Tom Osborn.

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