Class Motto: Foward Ever...Backward Never

Class Colors:......................Crimson and Silver

Class Flower:...................................Silver Rose

Faculty Advisor:...............Mr. Richard Allison

Biglerville High School Class of 1962
People who were part of our class at some point during our 12 years in the Upper Adams School District

Margaret Alexander
Ronald Baker
Patsy Baldwin
Phyllis Baltzley
Gary Barbour
Robert Barbour
Brenda Bean
Gary Beatty
Philip Beidler
Ronnie Black
Glenn Blocher
Linda Boone
Linda Brough
Maxine Brough
Ann Bushey
John "Pete: Byerly
Henry Byers
Michael Carey
Joan Carey
James Cline
Nelson Coe
Braxton Cooley
Richard "Dick" Cooley
Roger Cooley
Joan Crist
Roger Crum
Richard Cunningham
Lois Currens
Judy Cutshall
Sue Davis

Susan Donharl
Dennis Ebbert
John Ernst
Garry Fair
Mary Flickinger
Martha Foote
Lois Funt
Shirley Funt
Bonnie Funt
Judy Y Funt
Judy A Funt
Ronald Funt
Susan Garretson
Terry Gettier
Judy Goshorn
Scott Gratton
Harry Griest
Mary Guise
Ann Hale
Charlotte Hall
Phyliss Harlow
Charles Harlow
Wilson Harman
Mary Hartman
Peggy Hartman
Fay Hartzel
Gordon Harvey
Carl Hess
Carl Edgar Hilterbrand
Nancy Himes

Thomas Hoffman
Loy Hoke
Daniel Hoover
Joyce Ingle
Jeanne Jacoby
George Johnson, Jr.
Patrick Kane
Vergie Keefer
Gladys Kidwell
Shelia Kime
John Kirby
Tom Kooken
Raymond Kuhn
Harry Kuhns
Joyce Kump
Glenn Kuykendall
Lee Leatherman
Leora Leer
Robert Lewis
Clyde Lightner
Goldie Lupp
Patricia Lyons
John Maus
Tonya McCleaf
Roger McGlaughlin
Perry Mickey
Owen Miller
Jeanne Moomaw
Ronald Naylor
Dale Ogburn

Glenn Olmstead
Joyce Orner
Janet Orner
Ronald Orner
Lana Palmer
Lorraine Plank
Kenneth Plank
Barry Powell
John Quesinberry
Rosemary Redding
Carolyn Rexroth
Joyce Ripley
Selena Patricia Roberts
William Roth
Richard Rothenhoefer
Mary Jane Roth
Sharon Rouzer
David Ryman
Carolyn Sabo
Kenneth Sanders
William Sanni
Bobble Nell Scott
Glenn Sell
Ronald Shatz
Terry Sheafer
Helen Sheaffer
John Shepard
Willard Sherman
Larry Showers
Mary Ann Showers

Nancy Showers
Ronnie Showers
Walter Showmaker
Nancy Shultz
Lorrie Shultz
Mary Slaybaugh
David Slonaker
Robert Slonaker
Winnifred Spangler
Dean Steiner
John Steverson
William Stoner
Darlene Swartz
Carol Swayze
Barry Swisher
Linda Ann Taylor
Linda Ellen Taylor
Kenneth Thomas
Diane Travis
Barry Trostel
George Voehringer III
Joan Warner
Dorothy Weaver
Mildred Weaver
Richard Weidner
William Whistler
Evelyn Wilkinson
Joyce Woodall
Carol Woodward
Philip Yasovsky

If you were a member of our class at some point during the years we were in the Upper Adams School District and your name does nor appear on this list,
contact Ken Thomas at with your name and when you were involved. He will then verify and add you to the list.

If your name does appear on this list and you have not received any information from the class about our reunion, please send your
and contact information. We probably do not have your mailing address or email.