Mr. Daniel Bushman

Retiring after 46 years of teaching

AGE: “68.” HE LIVES: “938 Yellow Hill Road, Biglerville.”

FROM: “Arendtsville. Graduated Biglerville High School in 1951. Graduated Gettysburg College.

JOB: “I take attendance for the school district, then I have six classes of Latin. Then I go to the training room and I’m there for about four hours every night, tending to the athletes. I’ve also served as a football, baseball and basketball coach. I’ve taught Social Studies and science.”

REWARD: “When you get the right results from your students. You have that relationship with the students and they respond to you.”

FAMILY: “Wife, Catherine (Crum), married for 48 years; son, George and daughter is Susan May; three grandsons, Chris, Frank and Andy May.”

AT THE TABLE: “Steak, T-bone, medium-well with baked potato and sour cream. I’m not allowed many desserts – pie and ice cream.

TEACHING IS TOUGH: “You’ve gotta gain the respect of your students. That’s a lot different from what it used to be. When I first started teaching (46 years ago), students would stand up when I came into a room. You don’t have that today. You gotta prove to them that you know what you’re doing and handle the situation. They’ll respect you.
MEMORABLE: “I have a tendency to have things in my hands and I will throw them. I’ve left a pointer and erase go. Just recently I bounced one of these pointers off the head of Dr. Martin’s son. It got his attention.”

HERO: “Julius Caesar. That’s what I teach and what I studied all my life.

HOBBIES: “I play Bridge when I get a chance. We have a group that meets once a month.

WITH A MAGIC WAND: “I have a lot of physical problems so I’d use it in that regard - heal thyself. I’ve had bypass surgery twice and (being treated for) prostate cancer. Also to increase the students’ awareness of their potential.

WOULD LIKE TO HAVE WITNESSED: “Civil War. I would like to hear Lincoln and Lee’s viewpoints.

SPARE TIME: “A lot of reading. Tom Clancy or John Grisham.

SCARIEST MOMENT: “I fell out of (my Dad’s, Ernest) barn on my head and they didn’t think I was going to live. I was out of school a whole year in third grade with a fractured skull.

INHERITED FROM PARENTS: “My beliefs. My father was a strict disciplinarian.

TV: “‘Jeopardy,’ ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ ‘JAG.’

BAD HABIT: “I tend to procrastinate and never seem to get things done at home, but my wife takes care of that because she’s a real domestic engineer without a doubt.

WOULD LIKE TO VISIT: “The Canadian Rockies by train with my wife.

SURPRISINGLY: “I do have a temper.

REMEMBER HIM: “That he was a good teacher. That he got the job done.

— By B.J. Small, Editor - Gettysburg Times- May 20, 2002